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Watercolor artist and photographer, Craig Johnson, and Joy Johnson, writer, have created and published four books containing colorful, close-up photographs of Pacific Northwest birds, most found in the Puget Sound area. Their latest book is titled, Our Pacific Northwest Birds & Habitat. They also published a children’s book, The Amazing Hummingbird Story of Red Rufous, based on a Rufous Hummingbird nest they monitored for 31 days. Craig illustrated this book in watercolor.


Together, the Johnson’s study ornithology and have spent countless hours observing and photographing birds in the field. They have produced numerous bird presentations, two of them focusing on Puget Sound area hummingbirds and woodpeckers. Due to physical limitations from a neurological disorder, Craig had to switch from using a heavy camera and lens to a small video camera to capture bird behavior, primarily in their yard. Connecting people to birds using art is the Johnson's focus.


Visit the Photography page to view images and learn about Puget Sound area birds.

Avian Art pages show detailed watercolor images painted by Craig Johnson, available as hand made, giclee note cards or prints.


Check out the Education page to learn more about Puget Sound area Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds. Find some tips on backyard habitat and cleaning bird feeders, plus links to downloadable PDFs of Whidbey Island Birding brochures.   Puget Sound Seabirds



Harry the Woodpecker's Search for a Home

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Rufous & Anna's Hummingbirds

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