It is always a treat to see the adult flickers bring their young to our yard when teaching them to forage. The young intensely watch their parents hunting for ants in the grass. That is one reason we don’t use any chemicals on our lawn.

The large photo is a young female who was probably just recently left on her own, judging by her plumage. She was tossing aside a lot of dirt, but must have gotten some insects as well!

The upper inset photo shows a juvenile flicker standing by as the adult male probed the ground for ant tunnels. The lower photo shows the adult male regurgitating the food he found into the mouth of his young male offspring. Notice how the adult’s nictitating membrane is closed, perhaps to protect his eyes from the juvenile's overzealous bill.

Diet: 80% of the flicker’s diet is made up of ants. They glean the ground, stumps & tree trunks for ants. Will also eat seeds, nuts and grain, plus visit suet feeders in the winter.

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